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About the Algarve

Here you can find some usefull info about the region.

The Algarve is the most important touristic region in Portugal, this is a fact and it is no coincidence that this is so. There are a number of factors that together make this region an attractive haven to be visited by millions of people around the world each year. It happens even in most cases that a visit is not enough, there is always the desire to return and sometimes even make the Algarve their 2nd home or even the primary residence.

This region is blessed with a wonderful climate that is characterized by warm and long summers and short and pleasant winters. The waters that bathe the Algarve coast are the hottest in the country and can even reach 26 ° C, always calm and appealing. The ocean here has a soothing power and the truth is that the major cities are situated on the coast.

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Ria Formosa was elected one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal. In a country with so much natural beauty, this is an extraordinary achievement and illustrates the unique beauty that it has and its importance to make the Algarve a must see paradise in the world. Ria Formosa transmits an unique energy and lodges a great diversity of flora and fauna only observable in this region.

In a relatively small area there are two mountains, two rivers, the ocean, the Ria Formosa and cities with a rich historical heritage, which offers visitors the opportunity to observe a broad range of points of interest and breathtaking landscapes.


Algarve’s gastronomy has influences that date back to Roman and Arab times, and has been enhanced to achieve its unique flavors. From the known sweet Dom Rodrigo from Lagos, through the Faros’s arroz de lingueirão, to the sardines from Portimão, there are culinary delicacies for all tastes.

The truth is that those who live in the Algarve, feel a special energy that transmits well- being. We AlgarveDrivers, know Algarve like no one and it is with great pleasure that we provide our services and advise you to take full advantage of your experience in the Algarve.